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Sometimes you will never know the real reason. We will never completely understand the opposite sex, and all the reasons they feel what they feel, and do what they do. Still, sometimes the not knowing why is more difficult than the actual break-up. There are always going to be unanswered questions in dating relationships. Guys — just dump her before she dumps you.

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We have an eleven year age gap, and a bit of a class divide. We started dating in November of and making things serious in the following May. I seldom talk to him about how I feel, but when I do, I shrug it off with a joke.

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My heart broke once before. And that took a lot of healing. Like a whole level of understanding you rarely ever get with someone.

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The only person in my life is that girl. We were into each other since She always persuaded me. She always made efforts. And now I feel I never felt for her. I really find myself nowhere. I know that I can only offer my support but it's breaking my heart that this man thinks he is not worthy of being loved. How do I show him I'm here for him and in it for the long term?

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If anyone has experienced this kind of situation - from either side - and can offer me some guidance, it would be much appreciated. Hi, I, at one point seemed to be the same type of person that thought he was not good enough. That was when i was new with love and was actually extremely scared. I was scared of just how much i was loving her, but also the fact that she loved me. I don't think anything really helped with it, but i think the best thing would be to SHOW how much you love him.

When You Feel Like You’re Not Good Enough For Someone

Don't try to just make him feel needed, show how much effort you're willing to put into him. Having the feeling of not being enough may mean he is extremely clingy and is possibly very worried of losing you.

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It sounds like you have both been through a lot and I'm wondering what outside support you both might have; friends, family? I'm also wondering if your partner has ever considered getting help for his depression?

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I think that it's great you would like to be there for him but it does sound like he is holding in a lot of guilt and shame around not being 'good enough' or 'worthy'. Unfortunately this is one of those things that as much as people reassure us, it's a truth we have to discover and uncover for ourselves.

He followed her on her flight routes and upgraded the two of them to five-star hotels. He even helped her buy an apartment.

None of this was to any avail and finally, after a particularly ugly fight, he admitted defeat and left. The next woman he had an affair with was attentive and adored him - the exact opposite of the air hostess. However, he found her too needy.

When his wife found out about this one she divorced him. All of this turmoil brought him to me. Warren's childhood had been a difficult one. He was close to his mother. His father was a heart specialist and Warren had enjoyed a wealthy home and private schools. But his father, who was revered in the community, had had no time for him. He showed no affection for his son, but outright animosity. Warren tried everything to make his father proud of him. He was academically successful and good at sports, but all to no avail.

Warren described his father as a control freak.