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Vlad, 40 Engineer Brisbane, Australia. Peter, 46 Occupational Therapist, Brisbane. Sacha, 36 Project Manager Melbourne, Australia. James, 28 Dentist Sydney, Australia. Mike, 52 Lecturer Sydney, Australia. Clint, 32 Business Owner Perth, Australia. About James James is a 46 year old former financial analyst turned advisor who, despite being really successful in his career, never had any success with women.

Why Our Clients Love Us Since we have helped hundreds of men through one-on-one coaching and on our Breakthrough Bootcamps, thousands of men through our live Workshops and over a million men online to meet, date and attract the women they really want. The homework didn't help, and how convenient for Sasha that the guarantee period ends before the time it takes to complete the homework. Don't make the same mistake I did Save your money or spend it with a different bootcamp. Comments 1 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you? I really made an effort to get out there, improve my style, be social, make friends, and push myself to approach all the time in bars and clubs.

But, even after learning all this stuff and doing everything I could, I still wasn't really getting particularly great results - maybe an average looking girl every few months if I was "lucky. I chose Sasha because of his funny youtube videos and his general fun attitude, which was something I think is quite unique amongst all the other commercial dating coaches. Also I wanted to give daygame a try because I was getting bored of loud clubs and bars and felt it would be much easier to have a proper conversation with a girl just on the street or in a shop for example. Sasha taught the bootcamp 2: He effortlessly approached a girl before we even got started with the theory, and then did some background theory that got us into the right kind of having fun, not caring mindset.

We went out and did exercises that completely eliminated any fear I had about approaching. I was just running up to any girl and was willing to say anything because I was having such a fun time, and the reactions were pretty much universally positive!

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I was getting into normal, natural conversations with girls I would never have had the courage to approach if they were in a bar, and I was telling them they were hot right off the bat, and it all worked! I used to think that I wasn't particularly attractive and that I would have to use a lot of complicated "game" to say the right things to convince a semi-decent girl to go on a date with me. Since Sasha taught me direct game, I have been through periods of having 3 or 4 dates a week, having up to 5 different girlfriends at the same time, and dating models, strippers and beauty pageant winners!

I haven't gone longer than 3 or 4 days without sex with a woman I consider to be incredibly attractive, and I know I have the skills now to have my romantic life completely handled. Comments 0 Help other users find the most helpful reviews Was this review helpful to you?

Technology can make relationships harder

Sasha Date Program Took Place: October 15, Before the bootcamp, I felt very apprehensive on the initial approach and was always worried about what I was going to say. After doing some ego-breaking exercises and doing approach after approach, all of my fears about that disappeared, and I'm able to see the approach fro what it really is and should be: I still feel that way post bootcamp.

However, I know myself enough to know I still need to keep up with approaching and keep on practicing so that I can keep progressing and getting better. My life has changed in regards to how I view women and my perception has changed a lot. It feels empowering knowing that I have the mindset of 'hey, she's hot. I want to get to know that girl.

This bootcamp really did exceed my expectations because I thought it would take longer than 2 days to break through my fears with women. However, it only took less than a day to do that, which was awesome! By doing the exercises Sasha had us do, I was able to look at approaching and talking to women from a different perspective of what I had before. From doing that, I was able to release my fears of anxiety and judgment of those around me. I did get what I wanted because I wanted the skills which I could take with me post-bootcamp which will eventually lead me to not only success with women, but in life in general.

I couldn't even walk up to a girl, but Sasha pushes you and re-frames your thinking. I was getting closes!!

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Guys, stop mocking around. I can say that I thought that the price of ,- Euros was expensive. Now after having participated in the Bootcamp and knowing what is involved the price is fully justified. I cant describe how I feel in words but I will try.

Feeling lonely, guys? Time for Pick-Up Artist Boot Camp

I can remember at one point just going through different emotions in just minutes. After the first day I felt really tired but at the same time I felt absolutely amazing and felt like I could rip trees out of the ground with just my finger nails. Day 2 started and I was still nervous. This day was also just as fantastic if not better than the first, as I ended up with 3 phone numbers and an amazing feeling, Sunday night finished around I mean its only been a couple of days since the bootcamp ended and I feel so good about myself and I feel like I can go and do anything now.

Even someone I know asked me if had been on drugs because they had noticed such a different me, a much more confindent no bullshit and more direct me. I feel like I am just completely different person from 2 weeks ago. I will keep on using this new skillset which I know I have to develop more and more. I will be recommending this course to all of my friends. This course is a life changing experience. October 15, This bootcamp was absolutely amazing.

I am truly a different person. I no longer have the fear of getting rejected. Not to say that i wont get rejected but between the experiences and exercises undergone in this bootcamp, I can be entirely more confident knowing that I opened any girl today that I thought was attractive. AS an instructor he has the experience and wisdom to make the most out of your time.

As a student you can rely on this bootcamp to cover the theory of being direct and the practicality of experiencing it yourself. ABsolutely nothing like ive ever experienced. Sasha truly wants to help his students and will do so in a positive yet honest way. May 19, first of all im not a sales person or know sasha well im just a guy from the uk who decided to take sasha's daygame bootcamp which lasted saturday and sunday 12til about 8pm.

October 11, Instructor were: Sasha Daygame and Austin White not in the list of instructor The course was amazingly effective. It mainly shows how to not give a damn about what other people think or says.

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  8. Through out the activities you realize how easy it is to just go for what you want. How most if not all people will not care and even if they care, most likely, you are giving them an awesome compliment fill with positive energy. It gives you the first swing at improving your game. This is definitely recommended to anyone that is struggling with meeting beautiful women.

    It give you the tooling to update your believes and mindset so you can push toward success. I'm someone who read too much about pickup and this bootcamp was exactly what I needed to push forward into action taking. I was able to anchor all the knowledge I had with how the experienced teachers decomposed their successful game. At the end of the bootcamp, you clearly know what you need to work on. It's not a magic pill but it's definitely the first and most important steps toward eating it.

    September 27, This course was so fun. Lost about 20 pounds running around in NYC talking to girls. My favorite one was going up to them and saying "I just wanted to say and then humming until they left learned a lot from that one. I don't think anything should be improve every excersise had its. Sasha knows what he's talking about therefore of course the material was communicated effectively.

    I would definitely recommend this course.

    It changed me without even realizing it. It's not that am not afraid or that I can talk to anyone is the fact I feel free if that makes any sense. I don't feel restricted.