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7 Reasons You Shouldn't Date A Drummer - Comediva

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Travis Barker Recording Drums for Blink-182

Dont know about this list, i would like to see this too. Bad english may occur. Our coordination is incredible. We can keep any tempo you want.

7 Reasons You Shouldn’t Date A Drummer

No matter what speed we go, we can make it good. No matter how tired we are, we always finish the job.

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We can follow the lead, or take it. We love to bang. No objections to performing in front of an audience. We know how to handle our sticks. We know the best spots to hit.


By the time we are done, you'll be cheering for more. Drum heads with central silver or black dots tend to muffle the overtones even more. And drum heads with perimeter sound rings mostly eliminate overtones Howie Some jazz drummers avoid using thick drum heads, preferring single ply drum heads or drum heads with no muffling. Rock drummers often prefer the thicker or coated drum heads. The second biggest factor that affects drum sound is head tension against the shell. When the hoop is placed around the drum head and shell and tightened down with tension rods, the tension of the head can be adjusted.

When the tension is increased, the amplitude of the sound is reduced and the frequency is increased, making the pitch higher and the volume lower. The type of shell also affects the sound of a drum. Because the vibrations resonate in the shell of the drum, the shell can be used to increase the volume and to manipulate the type of sound produced.

The larger the diameter of the shell, the lower the pitch. The larger the depth of the drum, the louder the volume.

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  • Shell thickness also determines the volume of drums. Thicker shells produce louder drums.

    Mahogany raises the frequency of low pitches and keeps higher frequencies at about the same speed. When choosing a set of shells, a jazz drummer may want smaller maple shells, while a rock drummer may want larger birch shells. For more information about tuning drums or the physics of a drum, visit the external links listed below. Drums made with alligator skins have been found in Neolithic cultures located in China, dating to a period of — BC. In literary records, drums manifested shamanistic characteristics were often used in ritual ceremonies. They include the ornate Ngoc Lu drum.

    Macaque monkeys drum objects in a rhythmic way to show social dominance and this has been shown to be processed in a similar way in their brains to vocalizations suggesting an evolutionary origin to drumming as part of social communication.

    Never Date A Drummer

    Drums are used not only for their musical qualities, but also as a means of communication over great distances. The talking drums of Africa are used to imitate the tone patterns of spoken language. Throughout Sri Lankan history drums have been used for communication between the state and the community, and Sri Lankan drums have a history stretching back over years. Drumming may be a purposeful expression of emotion for entertainment, spiritualism and communication.

    Many cultures practice drumming as a spiritual or religious passage and interpret drummed rhythm similarly to spoken language or prayer. Drumming has developed over millennia to be a powerful art form. Drumming is commonly viewed as the root of music and is sometimes performed as a kinesthetic dance.

    As a discipline, drumming concentrates on training the body to punctuate, convey and interpret musical rhythmic intention to an audience and to the performer. For example, during a war between Qi and Lu in BC, the effect of drum on soldier's morale is employed to change the result of a major battle.

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    Fife-and-drum corps of Swiss mercenary foot soldiers also used drums. They used an early version of the snare drum carried over the player's right shoulder, suspended by a strap typically played with one hand using traditional grip. It is to this instrument that the English word "drum" was first used. Similarly, during the English Civil War rope-tension drums would be carried by junior officers as a means to relay commands from senior officers over the noise of battle.


    These were also hung over the shoulder of the drummer and typically played with two drum sticks. Different regiments and companies would have distinctive and unique drum beats only they recognized.